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For helping me turn my documentary into a book, I thank you.The Singular Journey of Oheas Cross Even tho I had many years of experience working on programs for CBC, in my younger years, I had never thought I could write a book. And I couldn't have done it without you. Your creativity and problem solving skills are great.

When I was tearing my hair out at the computer and all the crazy things it was doing in my Word program, your computer skills cleared everything up for me. Thanks for everything.
Elizabeth Reid, Author, BC Canada A Singular Journey

Finally Free for The OfficeJudy Brown has assisted me extensively for the past several years. She acted as one of my contributing editors in my book 'Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office.' Her attention to detail was impressive, to say the least.

Judy has also been moderating on the popular Get Organized Now! Discussion Forum. With her knowledge and expertise of organizing, professionalism, clear and interesting writing style, and super friendly personality, Judy has been a major asset to my business. I consider working with her to be a pleasure!
Maria Gracia, WI, USA  GetOrganizedNow

"The response and feedback that I have gotten from your work has blown me away. I truly appreciate what a wonderful, talented writer can do for my business. The results of just one of these projects consisting of two sentences, in total 14 words, I received in three days, 9 new clients. I have never had that kind of response out of anything I have put in the paper before. I can't thank you enough.

I appreciate the fact that you allowed me to talk out loud, you gave me direction and ideas, you allowed me to consider options that would fit within my budget and never once gave up on any of my ideas, aspirations or goals. Thank You Judy, your words will grace the pages of all my projects for years to come."
Connie Williamson, Alberta  Serenity Redesign