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Canada One

Online news release tutorial and builder. This is a great site for business tools and resources.

Step-by-Step Copy writing Course
Step-by-Step Copywriting Course E-Book
Chock full of insider tips from a professional copywriter withyears of online experience. Good investment for anyone writing marketing materials for the Web. Download it instantly and start improving your sales message today.

Write It Now 

I usually find it hard to write fiction but I tried this software and  I am making  progress! My plot doesn't wander. I've actually gotten into those dreaded middle parts, and it's  so much fun to see my story shaping up.

Highly recommended, instant free download link below for anyone who wants to try the software before buying.
Write it Now Creative Writing Software
Writers are always learning

Good writers love to learn new things, what have you learned that's new lately? 

This section of the website will lead you to great articles and tools to help you be a better: copywriter, fiction writer and more! There is no junk here, everything I recommend is something I've used myself. 

Most things on this page are free tools. There are some items for purchase and they are ones I've bought, use and know to be of top quality.  Any affiliate of this site are trusted, tried and true.

You won't find the usual web 'experts' products on this site.

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Grammar Creativity

Grammar Cheet Sheet for Bloggers

Proofreaders Marks

Punctuation Made Simple

The King's English

Apostrophe Protection Society

Ad Tools

Brain Games

Free Mind Map Software

The Creativity Portal
Software for Writers Online Tools for Writers
Book Database

Click N Type Virtual Keyboard

Rough Draft

SLang - Story Development
Character Building

Magic Note Book

Word Constructor

Writer's Machine
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