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For book covers, online book stores or anywhere you need to tell your readers who you are.

Having a hard time describing your company?

We believe in writing comprehensive company profiles to tell your media contacts exactly, who you are and, what your business is all about. Our approach is to make your business stand out. Your profile will introduce you as a person - not just a name on a letterhead.

Most profiles for large corporations include the financial standing of the enterprise. Unless you are a publically funded company, we don't include any financial information, nor would we ask you any questions about that aspect of your business. Our profiles can be created as a text file which can be used in your printed media kit, or we can create an html document that you can put on your website.

Why do I need a profile?

Most people have a difficult time writing about themselves. When writing a company profile or author's bio, you need to do it from a third person perspective.  This does feel awkward if you aren't used to doing it or of thinking of yourself from another person's point of view.

We've been conditioned to think we are bragging if we tell others about our good points and a company profile is all about your good points.  You may also play down things that could be great features to include in any bio or profile.  If you decide to write your own author's bio, try to be objective and write from the third person. And toot your own horn - make yourself, your book and your company shine.

If you'd like a professionally written bio, get in touch.  Contact Judy so she can get busy on your company profile right away.