Article Rates

Original Articles: 

$120.00 - $500.00
Depending on length and research involved.

Your Edited Articles:

From a light edit to ensure your words are clear and correctly written - to more complicated editing if English is not your first language. Price depends on complexity of the job.

Contact Judy to find out more about getting original articles with your own byline and copyright, in your name, complete with a catchy signature box.

Establish yourself as an Expert with Expertly Written Articles

If you've been doing research, on how to get traffic to your website, it is likely that you've been reading about submitting articles to other websites, newsletters and article submission sites in an effort to establish yourself as an expert.


Original Articles Are the Way To Go

Yes, there are lots of  cheap articles for sale online that you can purchase for a few dollars. In some instances, you can edit and change them around, adding and subtracting words and phrases, to make the article seem more like one you wrote yourself. If this suits you, then do try to make the article your own with substantial revisions.

The cheap articles you purchase may be sold to hundreds or thousands of other 'experts' in your field, even if they rearrange a few words here and there, people who are diligently researching information about your subject will find several that are very similar in various places online. Why pay anything for an article that is one among many duplications?

If you'd rather have an article written in your own voice and style, based on your personal knowledge about your subject,having one professionally written, just for you, will give you better results. It will be uniquely yours.